Sworn translators

Many of our clients ask us several questions about our job. Who are sworn translators? Why are sworn translators so important and necessary? How can I check that the person I am talking to is really a sworn translator?


Who are sworn translators?

In Spain, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the body which authorizes sworn translators to carry out their job: to translate public documents such as academic transcripts, notarial deeds, birth/death/marriage  certificates, articles of association, contracts, etc. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation provides sworn translators with the relevant title in order for them to be able to translate as official translators and to perform thus their job.

Most Spanish sworn translators must pass a variety of quite difficult examinations which prove and assess their quality, knowledge and translation abilities… It was not easy, but we studied hard… we went through it… and we achieved it! Now, at last, we are sworn translators and here we are to help you with your official documents (if you, for instance, need to go abroad and are required to submit such documents in a language different from yours).


Why are sworn translators so important and necessary?

A sworn translator always signs his/her translations and seals them and, as if by magic, they become sworn translations, that is, translations of an official nature. The sworn translator’s  signature and seal certify that the translation is correct, accurate and legally valid. Sworn translators translate a variety of documents. In other words, any document can be translated by a sworn translator, the most common ones are these: academic transcripts, university diplomas, birth and death certificates, marriage certificates, work permits, ID cards, driving licences, family books, powers of attorney, deeds by a Notary Public, etc.


How can I check that the person I am talking to is really a sworn translator?

The Spanish Language Interpretation Office periodically draws up a list including all sworn translators/interpreters who have been appointed as such on the part of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. This list indicates the language(s) they have been authorized to translate/interpret. The latest update is available via this link.

If you need a sworn translation or know somebody who needs it, or have queries or questions in this regard, we would be pleased to help you at your earliest convenience. You can contact us by phone, e-mail or through our social networks. We reply to our clients very quickly.

In our team we always have a translator ready to do urgent translations of any nature/type. If you wish to find out more about our services, we invite you to visit our website or our Facebook page.

Written by Rafael

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